• If the victim is coughing, encourage the coughing to clear the object from the airway.

• If the victim is not coughing, follow the steps in “Choking Care for Responsive Adult or Child.” Choking Care for Responsive Adult or Child

Stand behind an adult victim with one leg forward between the victim’s legs. (With a child, kneel behind the victim.) Keep your head slightly to one side. Reach around the abdomen with both arms. Make a fist with one hand and place the thumb side of the fist against the abdomen just above the navel.


Grasp your fist with your other hand and thrust inward and upward into the victim’s abdomen with quick jerks. Continue abdominal thrusts until the victim expels the object or becomes unresponsive. If the victim becomes unresponsive while you are administering abdominal thrusts, lower the victim to the floor onto his or her back, and follow the steps in “Choking Care for Unresponsive Adult or Child.”

Choking Care for Unresponsive Adult or Child: CPR

Open the airway to see if the victim is breathing. Use the “head tilt chin lift” maneuver to open the airway: Push down on the forehead and lift the chin.

If the victim is not breathing, give two rescue breaths, each lasting 1 second. Pinch the victim’s nose shut and blow a normal breath into the victim’s mouth. If the first breath does not go in (the chest does not rise), reposition the head to open the airway and try again. Each time you give a rescue breath, look for an object in the victim’s mouth and remove it if present.

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