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To investigate further what role yoga played among Brahmins and monotheism, there is another Vaishnavite text from between 1000-1100 AD I would like to discuss. This text was written by a medieval Vaishnavite monk Yadava Prakasa for his fellow monks. It gives some insight into what role yoga played in the daily life of both pious Puranic Brahmins and especially medieval renouncing Vaishnavite monks. 232 We are in other words moving out of the institution of renouncing senior Brahmins and into a disciplined and organised monastic institution.

Yoga in the daily life of a Brahmin Vaishnavite monk

The text of interest is the Yati-dharma-samuccaya (short form: Ysam). It belongs to the medieval Nibandha genre. This is a genre of scholarly texts commenting on earlier Brahmin canonical texts like sutras and sastras – in this case mainly Dharma-sastras . This makes the Ysam relevant, because even if the Ysam belongs historically to the later medieval period, it still throws light on Axial Age monotheistic yoga. This is because it quotes and discusses a wide range of Brahmin Dharma-sastra texts originating in the Axial Age civilisation.

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