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The Mimamsa Schools – based on the Mimamsa Sutra – had already developed the ideology that the Vedas were the one and only authority and that the sounds of the words of the Vedas reflected the universal sounds of cosmos or brahman. It was an intellectual sophisticated ideology for a return to Brahmin rituals.

Vedanta philosophy, closely related to Mimamsa, came in many forms and varieties. It was often used as a name for the alleged philosophy underlying the Vedas and Upanishads apparently making them into an integrated whole. Thus the Advaita Vedanta school claimed that the Upanishads were actually an organic part of the Vedas – a linear and natural extension. In other words it was proposed that the discourse of liberation had evolved effortlessly out the Vedic culture. In this way the Advaita Vedanta Brahmin tried to lay claim to the whole cultural field of liberation, which their ancestors had so intensely opposed. Advaita Vedanta further claimed that the whole Vedic corpus of texts was philosophically underpinned by ontological monism: there is nothing but brahman – the rest is illusion. The Vedic texts were accordingly re-interpreted by the Vedanta Brahmins and explained in the light of their ontological monism.

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