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Chapter 10.5-18 similarly gives further abundant examples of how specific yoga techniques – pranayama, pratyahara and meditation – are part of penance. So yoga, in this monotheistic discourse, is framed as a ritual restoration and amplification of the purity flowing from living a ritualised and institutionalised life in a caste society. Yoga has been turned into one among many rituals constructing a ritualised, regulated, disciplined and purified social identity – in this case a Vaishnavite monk.

The benefit of purity is that it allows the pure person’ to do and achieve things other cannot. Hence the purity level of a certain caste allows its members to do certain things and forbids them other things. If you have become polluted you fall out of favour until you have been purified. In the context of a monk, having established purified identity, the monk in this discourse is able to see Vishnu’.

This discourse has in other words turned yoga into a purifying ritual. But yoga is not just any ritual in Ysam. It is defined as one of the principal activities:

Sterols, glucosinolates, and alkaloid components increase fSh, estrogen Eka Pada Koundiyanasana I Yoga Pose , and testosterone levels in female rats Chacon, 1997; Quiros & Cardenas, 1997. Eka Pada Koundiyanasana I Yoga Pose An aqueous extract of yellow maca increased litter size in female mice and increased uterine weight in ovariectomized rodents Ruiz-Luna, Salazar, Aspajo, Rubio, Gasco et al., 2005. Enlargement of the uterus indicates estrogenic effects. These findings cannot be extrapolated to humans until clinical trials are completed. No toxicity or side effects have been reported in human or animal studies. However, the authors have found that maca may precipitate agitation or mania in bipolar patients. Therefore, it should be used cautiously and in lower doses in cases of bipolar disorder.

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