Easy Beginner Yoga Poses

Easy Beginner Yoga Poses

Imagine exactly what you want for your working life.

Write down how you are going to get there.

And most critically, start taking steps in that direction.

You too can have the working life of your dreams, as Nike says, “Just Do It”, take that massive action now and live in your own personal dreamland.

When I was in trouble (most of the time invariably) with my mother, in order to ingratiate myself back into her good books, I always asked “Could I turn over a new leaf?” No idea where this particular expression comes from but the picture and slogan above brings this warm memory back to mind.

There is always a time, and it is all the time and right now to change. To stop going down the path that you are going down and just take a new path entirely. The time to change is now; you do not have to set some arbitrary date in the future you can just do it and right now.

Be like me as a kid and turn over that new leaf, learn the lesson where you have taken the wrong path and set off again on a new one. This path can even be in totally the opposite direction, even if you get some flak for it, who cares? You have learned from the experience and you are (probably) on the right path now.

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