Eagle Yoga Pose

Eagle Yoga Pose

Also consider the other part of the saying and try not to hurt others. Hurting someone physically is just not acceptable and if you overstep the mark in that area then you are entitled to whatever comes your way. But hurting someone mentally is a bit of a minefield. Some people can be sensitive about issues that they have. It may be weight for example. Be careful what you say around people, try and steer a middle course. If you want to make progress in your working life you must try not to offend as many people as possible. You want to be the person who plays the nice line.

As an exercise that you can play every day, try and aim for three acts of random kindness then just before you go to sleep at night see how well you did. Did you carry out three acts of random kindness today?

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I must confess to really discovering Gandhi through the film directed by Richard Attenborough. From then I have gone on to read many of his teachings in various inspirational leaders’ websites, blogs and books etc. I tried to read the Gandhi biography but struggled with this. However, this list that someone has compiled is magnificent and I would like to comment a little on these:

Change yourself – You cannot change other people as many seem to think, it is only you that you can change. As Gandhi himself says “Be the change you want to see in the world”

You are in control – You are totally responsible for where you are in life at the moment. You have got to where you are by a series of small steps and decisions and actions. If you accept this as a fact then you are

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