Eagle Pose Yoga Benefits

Eagle Pose Yoga Benefits

Yoga's calming and peaceful qualities are attributes that attract many to the practice. These qualities are something contemporary brand Asquith London have incorporated into their yoga and Pilates clothing. Each garment echoes freedom, ease of movement and compliments the qualities that yoga brings to the body. Using the softest, durable fabrics Bamboo and organic cotton.

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Asquith creates garments that are breathable, absorbent and naturally anti-bacterial.

Asquith cuts no corners in terms of style and design. With quality clothes that promise not to shrink or stretch, these items will prove to be lasting members of your workout wardrobe. Asquith London also believe in good working conditions and all members of the company's two factories in India and Portugal receive good pay and have comfortable working conditions. It is for these reasons Asquith London customers can wear their clothes both proudly and with ease.

These are Asquith Lean Leg pants in Purple and Short sleeve T in Blush- ideal for your practice and for relaxing afterwards. Available from asquithlondon. Com.

Fashion and art have always been inexplicably linked and the most striking fashion is often aesthetically led. ABO London is a luxury fashion accessories brand that aims to create wearable art. Founded in 2012, by a Kazakhstan born design duo, the creative brand produces beautiful, hand-painted scarves that aim to blend the cultural heritage of central Asia with the diverse nature of London.

Each impeccably structured scarf is developed with inspiration from the famous Silk Road that once connected the East to the West. This inspiration really highlights the brands alluring theme of creatively uniting two seemingly different cultures.

ABO London products are all made ethically in the UK using environmentally friendly processes. This is a brand that celebrates culture, art and individuality with original designs based on the artwork of one of its founders.

For a hot yogi, performing a Downward dog can be a stressful affair. As you catch your breath in this well-known yoga resting pose, a strange process might occur. Your hands begin to sweat, your shoulders hunch and your inhalations sharpen. Slowly but surely you slide into an uncompromising position which leaves you either flat on your face, or if you're really unlucky, into the teeth-gnashing version of Downward dog. In this ungainly pose, the Chitta Vntti of the mind will start rolling out the bunting, singing their yogic sea shanties while you'd really rather be finding your Zen. Thank you very much.

It's recommended that you spray the towel with water before you start your practice, or roll down the top section where your hands rest while they’re still dry enough to grip onto the mat.

For those of us who work up a sweat during yoga, be they pitta types or Bikram fans, a standard PVC sticky mat is just not enough. But yoga mats are made out of PVC? I hear you cry. Yes, your typical mat maybe, but these are designed for the dry. And as many sweaty yogis will profess, you might need a little extra something to keep you static.

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