Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

In this pose, your hands are placed flat on the floor at the front of the yoga mat, with your feet at the other end of the mat. Arms and legs are straight, hips lifted up high, back straight and your head in line with your spine so that you are looking towards your feet. In power yoga you will exhale getting into this position.

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Repeat this process for as much time as you have, or until you feel some of the gripping that comes from the fear of forever-pain dissipate. I am not looking for you to stand up from this meditation crying out, “I am healed!” (But if you do, I accept bank checks and credit cards.) I am hoping, however, that it will help to carve a new neural pathway and thus give less power to the pain receptors of your body.

Here’s to you and your healing.

You may have been doing perfectly fine for some time, until a shocking change turned everything into “before” and “after.” It may have been a death, a political upset, or the loss of a job. It could be so many things.

All you know is that you no longer know that optimistic person who once thought everything was going to turn out as expected.

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