Downward Dog Yoga Pose

Downward Dog Yoga Pose

They all said “Was anyone hurt?” They focused on the human side of life. So often, and particularly men, we focus on our work, on a computer screen and we forget that being a human and compassion for others is much more important. When was the last time you put business before love? What are you going to do to change that? Answers and suggestions below. Please.

Think of someone successful that you know? Think of someone famous or successful in public life? It is pretty much guaranteed that these people have a great team behind them. I love this picture, it says to me many hands make light work. It also signifies to me that we need to be aware of the team that we need to be successful, success is a team effort.

Even when a sportsperson is in a single person team they usually have a great team behind them. They will have coaches, masseurs, administrators, managers etc. If they did not hand over these tasks to others then they would not have the time to concentrate on their sport and become successful.

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Other people are probably much better at aspects of your working life than you are. Consider delegating these or outsourcing those so that you can concentrate on what you are best at. Even if you are studying for a degree for example you can handover tasks to others that you would normally do yourself. If you do your own ironing for example, that is something that you can give to someone to do, or persuade a family member to do it for you. This will leave you free to study, your ironing time will be your bonus study time.

One story I like is the story of David Beckham. He was a driven young boy who only ever wanted to play football (soccer) for Manchester United. He devoted himself to pursuing that dream and he succeeded and played for his dream team.

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