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Reduces the need to avoid emotions through repression, supression, Download yoga poses for weight loss denial, numbing , and dissociation Reduces anxiety, overreactivity, and sleep difficulties Brings unconscious content Download yoga poses for weight loss from trauma-related emotion schemas into consciousness Improves cognitive-emotional integration Reduces trauma-related somatic experiences including visceral, sensory, and painful sensations Enables the patient to acquire a sense of mastery and competence rather than feeling helpless or passive May help overcome a therapeutic impasse Strengthens the therapeutic alliance through patient empowerment and collaboration Introducing mind-body techniques may also strengthen the therapeutic alliance. When the therapist encourages the patient to engage in mind-body practices, the patient is being supported to learn how to master anxiety through self-soothing. This empowers the patient toward less dependence on the therapist or medication.

The patient may experience this support toward mastery and independence as caring. As the patient engages in yoga practices, greater awareness, access to memories, and new insights may emerge. The therapist has an opportunity to value this material as it is delivered into the therapy sessions, validating the patient in an active and collaborative, rather than a passive or inferior role. How and When to Introduce Yoga as a Complementary Treatment Factors to consider in suggesting yoga during therapy include the following: The potential risks and benefits as described above The patient’s readiness to engage in a regular mind-body practice The therapist’s knowledge of available yoga programs The quality of local yoga instructors The target symptoms identified for the intervention: mood, energy, anxiety, insomnia, overreactivity, mental focus, pain, or other symptoms The mind-body programs that may facilitate the patient’s growth in psychotherapy see Clinical Pearl above The therapist should be prepared for sudden breakthroughs and new insights The quality of instructors teaching mind-body practices varies greatly. It is incumbent upon the health care practitioner to obtain information about the yoga teacher before referring patients.

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