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These seven stages of yoga are nonetheless related to the main structure or composition of the YV. The 30,000 verses are divided into six main divisions: dis-passion, qualifications of the seeker, creation, existence, dissolution and liberation. These divisions represent or mirror the seven yoga stages required for release. So the corpus of the YV is structured like a yogic liberation process, hence perhaps its title.

The three-limb yoga – stages of insight and development

Many will jump to the conclusion that the YV as it talks about seven stages should be categorised as a seven-limb yoga. But the elements of this yoga are not like those of for instance eight and six-limb yogas, where a group of various and complementary methods build up towards release. The elements in Vasistha’s yoga are phases of human development – like phases a child runs through as it grows up. So this reminds us more of the stages of Jain liberation discourse.

Soy-derived phosphatidyl serine S-PS is a promising Double Pigeon Yoga Pose and safer alternative to bovine-cortex-derived phosphatidyl serine BC-PS. Although S Double Pigeon Yoga Pose -PS has not been studied as extensively, data suggest that it may be effective. One study comparing BC-PS with S-PS in middle-aged rates showed comparable improvements in cognitive performance in the two-way active avoidance test. In contrast, egg-derived phosphatidyl serine showed no effect Blokland, Honig, Brouns, & Jolles, 1999. Administration of soybean lecithin transphosphatidylated phosphatidyl serine SB-tPS ameliorated scopolamine-induced memory impairment in rodents Suzuki, Kataoka, & Furushiro, 2000, improved spatial memory in aged rats Suzuki, Yamatoya, Sakai, Kataoka, Furushiro et al., 2001, prevented ischemic brain damage in gerbils Suzuki, Furushiro, Takahashi, Sakai, & Kudo, 1999, and enhanced learning ability in normal adult rodents Kataoka-Kato, Ukai, Sakai, Kudo, & Kameyama, 2005. In clinical practice, soy-derived phosphatidyl serine is a useful complementary treatment for age-associated memory impairment. In more severe disorders of memory, stronger treatments are advised.

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