Do I need a special diet for my endurance exercise program?

Do I need a special diet for my endurance exercise program?

A No. For most people, a nutritionally balanced diet contains all the energy and nutrients needed to sustain an exercise program. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary supplements. (Chapter 8 provides detailed information about putting together a healthy diet.)

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I have been with my partner for many years, but if I were still dating, I would be sure to ask the following question on a first date: “What would you do if your cell phone died and you didn’t have access to a charger?”

I think this would give a lot of insight into a person. Of course, I assume the person would lie. That is what many of us do on first dates, in big and small ways. We smooth out our edges and polish the exterior until we are as bright and shiny as can be. We would never be the ones with dramatic reactions or a lack of perspective. Oh no, not us. That is other people.

In real life (and not the magical space-time continuum of first dates), when our cell phones die, many of us have reactions akin to action heroes in movies who have just lost their families in a fire. When cell phones first came out, they were cell phones. We had no idea that they would transform into lifelines.

Just for now, you don’t have the distraction of pings or push alerts. You have more of an opportunity to feel grounded because of this loss. Tibetan Buddhist Pema Chodron says “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.” Close your eyes and visualize a big blue sky. Every thought that comes becomes a friendly white cloud on the surface of your blue-sky mind. You are not trying to overcome the problem and rack your brain for your charger while you close your eyes. You are trying to move away from the grasping, which is what makes us feel divinely unsettled. Sit until you have more sky than clouds.

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