Diamond Legs and Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Lie down on your mat. Place the soles of your feet together while allowing the knees to rest on the sides. Interlace your fingers behind your neck. Activate the legs by pressing the soles of the feet together. With your next inhalation, lift the legs away from the floor. With your exhalation, engage the core and extend the legs straight up towards the ceiling. By lifting the legs, you’ll be lifting the lower back slightly away from the ground. Bring awareness to your sacrum area every time you’re releasing the legs back to the floor. Do the diamond leg lifts for a minute at a time. Once you feel stronger, incorporate one or two more rounds of one-minute lifts.

Moving Mountain is one of the rare moving Asanas that we use in practice. It greatly helps build trust and security in ourselves. It also helps lengthen the torso, so we create more room for breathing and our internal organs. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. With your inhalation, sweep your arms up and above the head. Your palms are facing each other. Your next exhalation will allow your shoulders to relax in the shoulder sockets. Allow your next exhalation to lift your heels away from the Earth while trying to keep the body still and steady. Try walking backward with your arms above the head and the body erect. Once you reach the back of your mat, start walking forward to the top edge of the mat. Relax, then repeat this two more times.

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Flying butterfly helps strengthen the torso and promotes a sense of inner balance and tranquility. Start by standing on your knees with toes curled under. Place your left, knee behind the right heel. Find balance in this Asana by stretching the arms out to the sides. While flying, start bringing your arms close to each other behind the back. Release by bringing the knee back to center. Repeat this two more times on the left side before moving to the right side.

We can change up some of the Asanas and add our unique flavor to them Once you repeat the Asana, you’ll see that you can add certain arm and leg variations to the positions. These variations should make you feel better and more comfortable in certain positions.

Lie down on your back. If you have any tension in the head and neck area, simply lift the legs, stretching them to the sky without lifting the lower back away from the floor. If your spine is good to go, you’ll keep the arms down by your sides. Press firmly into the arms and move the legs up and overhead. If your back is tight, you may be hanging your legs in the air. If your back has flexibility, place your toes on the ground. Start to separate the legs from each other. If it feels good, you may stretch the arms out to the side as well. While performing this Asana, you bring flexibility to the spine. You also gently massage your digestive system as well as your thyroid system This helps rejuvenate your whole being.

Come to an easy seated position on the ground. Extend the legs in front of you. If the backs of the legs are tight, you may want to keep a small bend in the knees. Another great option is to use a towel around the feet. You’ll want to keep your spine long while practicing this Asana. If you keep your legs straight, but the spine is rounding, go ahead and bend your knees. We’d like to have a long spine first, and then get to extended legs. Sit up tall and extend your arms overhead. Take a deep breath in and lengthen the spine. With your breath out, fold up and over the legs. Hold the position for a few moments, then repeat it two more times. This Asana is very cooling for the body and mind. It’s always great to practice it if you feel anxiety. It also helps strengthen our foundation by improving the circulation of the ankles, feet, legs, knees, hips, lower back, spine torso, and neck.

“Surrender is the important lesson that [Paschimottanasana] teaches. There is a softening and expansion from deep inside. Within the limited scope of movement in the body, this posture stretches muscles and ligaments; it also stretches the limitations in one’s thinking, feeling, recognition and understanding. The surrender is particularly well expressed by the fact that one can’t see behind or above. In the acceptance of this situation lies humility… In patience and surrender, then, we take the time to stretch and lengthen. ” – Swami Sarvanana Radha, Hatha Yoga © 2006 p. 8525

Start in mountain position by bringing the feet hip-width apart. Press deeply down throughout the heels and through the ball amounts of the little toes and big toes. Lift the toes lightly away from the Earth and start sitting back to an “imaginary chair” that is not there. Lift, your arms no more than shoulder height with palms face up to the sky. Hold the position for a few moments, then transition into mountain position. Repeat it two more times. While repeating the position, press firmly into the heels. Feel the strong connection between the Earth and the feet. Allow this movement to lift you and channel rejuvenating energy up to the top of your head.

Come to an easy sitting position on the ground. Place the soles of the feet together one foot away from the pubic bone. Allow your knees to fall to the sides. Slide your forearms under your shins until your hands can cup your feet. The arms will thread from inside of the shins instead of outside. Lengthen the spine while holding onto your feet. Fill up the lungs and with your exhalation empty the lungs and bring your chest close to the feet. Be aware of not pulling your forehead to the feet but moving your chest close to the feet. Allow your inhalation to lift you. Repeat the position two more times. This position increases flexibility in the legs, hips, abdomen, and lower back.

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