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The best things about yoga is it not only improves your physical wellbeing, but it also improves your mental wellbeing – I should know as 1 found this out the hard way.

I have always suffered from a lack of confidence. From the times as a spotty awkward teenager right through to my adulthood. 1 always felt nervous around people and was always unsure of myself and what to say to people. I was too scared to talk to the opposite sex and I never had any relationships, and this led to me feeling hopeless and undesired, which knocked my confidence even further.

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That’s when 1 discovered the allure of alcohol. I found that having a few drinks took away all those feelings of loneliness I had felt for so much of my life. It was a miracle cure and I was happy and chatty and my newfound confidence meant I would talk to anyone, and I really didn’t care what people thought of me.

But those confidence-boosting dnnks simply led to more drinks, and it wasn’t long before I went from having a couple of dnnks a day, to dnnking until I couldn’t stand up. I just didn’t know when to stop and my family and friends became increasingly worried, but I dismissed their concerns, arguing that I was ‘just enjoying myself’ and that everyone my age binge drinks.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but the drinking was hindering my confidence even further as it got to the point where I couldn’t be in any social situation without a drink. Before going to the pub or a party I would always get a head start and have a couple of glasses of wine. But the alcohol was also taking

its toll on my body – my skin looked haggard and I had dark circles under my eyes and I started pilling on the pounds. I was also constantly tired and suffered with terrible hangovers and I started to become really depressed.

A lot of my female friends had always practised yoga, telling me about the wonderful health benefits. That’s when I decided to sign up to a beginner’s class at my local gym. At first I didn’t see any improvements. I think I was expecting -just like the alcohol – a miracle cure. I didn’t know that signing up for these yoga classes was the first step in regaining control of my life. I soon started practising yoga every day and I was drinking less. I also signed up for meditation classes, which, for the first time in my life, helped me feel comfortable with myself. My Ashtanga yoga class replaced my excess drinking and I’ve never looked back. My yoga practice also instilled some other lifestyle changes and I started to eat healthier.

My family and friends are amazed at how much I’ve changed in under six months – and I can definitely say that yoga has been a positive influence on my life. My advice to anyone suffering from lack of confidence is to introduce yoga into your life – you won’t find the answer in the bottom of a bottle!

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