Deep Relaxation Yoga Pose

Deep Relaxation Yoga Pose


Welcome to the most important and most challenging Yoga Pose of yoga: Deep Relaxation, or savasana, which means “corpse” in Sanskrit. Although it may seem easy to lie down and do nothing, this Yoga Pose is meant to be a practice of complete surrender and letting go. Lying completely still and resting your fidgety body and racing mind is no small task. In this Yoga Pose, you 7/ find that your worries and stress seem to melt away. This Yoga Pose is known for its deeply therapeutic and restorative benefits. It calms the nerves, relieves insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue, and increases energy, concentration, and memory. Playing soothing instrumental music is a nice way to assist you in fully letting go in this Yoga Pose.

QUALITY Calming EFFECT Relaxation, rejuvenation, tranquility PROPS Blanket, eye pillow (optional) GAZE Internal

1 Make sure you are warm and comfortable. Begin in a seated position with your legs in front of you and place a rolled blanket or bolster under your knees. Begin to recline onto your back with your arms at your sides. If your neck is uncomfortable, place a blanket under your head. Place an eye pillow over your eyes, if you have one.

2 Allow your arms to rest at your sides about 6 inches away from your body with your palms up, anc let your feet roll open to the sides.

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3 Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your natural breath. With each exhale, surrender the weight of your body deeper to the force of gravity.

4 From your feet to your head, consciously release every part of your body. Relax all the muscles in your face. Completely surrender to silence and peace, and explore your inner world by drawing all your senses inward.

5 Stay here for 5 to 20 minutes. When you’re ready, slowly draw your awareness back to your breati and then your body by moving your fingers and toes and stretching your arms above your head.

6 Hug your knees into your chest, and roll to your right side in a fetal position. Rest here as a transition Yoga Pose, before you make your way up to sit, and reenter your life embodying peace and love, ready to share it with all.

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