Dancer’s Yoga Pose

Dancer’s Yoga Pose


This exquisite Yoga Pose cultivates the grace, beauty, strength, and flexibility of a dancer, stretching the body out in all directions at onceI It symbolizes openness to the future while being rooted in the present and connected to the past. It stretches the front body quadriceps, abdominals, chest, and shoulders while strengthening the back body buttocks, spine, and hamstrings.

QUALITY Grounding, energizing EFFECT Flexibility, focus, grace, stability PROPS Strap GAZE Forward

1 Begin in Mountain Yoga Pose Pose, with both feet firmly rooted on the ground. Shift your weight onto your right foot and bend your right knee, lifting your heel toward your left sit bone. Reach back with your left hand to grab the top of your right foot. Draw your heel closer to your seat, stretching your left quadriceps.

2 Place your right hand on your heart with your thumb and index finger touching, and find your breatl before reaching forward with your right arm and back with your left foot.

3 Keep shifting your weight forward and up, maintaining balance by reaching your left leg back and as you drop your left hip down in line with the right.

4 Stay for 3 to 5 five breaths, cultivating the courage to stay open.

5 Return to Mountain Yoga Pose before switching feet.

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