Crow Yoga Pose

Crow Yoga Pose


Most arm balances are named after creatures of flight. As the name suggests, this Yoga Pose awakens our ability to fly. It’s the foundation for all other arm balances. When we engage and lift our navel up, our inner wings soar and we can let go. This Yoga Pose will help you overcome fear and develop confidence. It tones the internal organs and strengthens the arms and core muscles while improving focus, balance, and concentration. Using a block for support is a great way to start.

QUALITY Energizing, grounding EFFECT Focus, strength PROPS Block GAZE Forward and down

1 Begin in Garland Yoga Pose Pose with your feet close together, your elbows inside your knees, and yc hands at your heart as if in prayer.

2 Place your hands on the ground a few inches in front of you and reach your torso forward so your knees come high up to your upper arms.

3 Shift your weight forward onto the balls of your feet so your elbows are in line with your wrists.

Grip your fingers into your mat to protect your wrists.

4 Hug your knees into your upper arms and lift your right foot off the ground with your heel toward your sit bone. Focus your gaze on the ground and a few inches forward. As you inhale, draw your tailbone down and in, lifting up through your navel, and then exhale the left foot up to join the right.

5 Practice holding for 3 to 5 breaths. Release back to a Garland Yoga Pose or Child’s Yoga Pose Pose before trying again.

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