Crocodile Yoga Pose

Crocodile Yoga Pose

• Pain in the back of the heel is most commonly insertional Achilles tendinitis. This can be due to irritation of the bursa, the tendon fibers, or the heel bone, usually caused by the powerful force of the Achilles tendon. Those who develop posterior heel pain usually have a flaw in the foot that focuses extra pressure and can cause injury in this area.

• Excessive pronation or supination can produce extra stress on a portion of the tendon due to the foot turning outward or inward, repetitively.

• Various forms of arthritis cause heel pain most commonly among those who have arthritis in other parts of the body.

• Heel pain in children and teenagers (mentioned above) can result from any sport that requires yoga. Higher arches, greater impact and overuse are causes. Children have the energy and power to overuse orthopedic units, anywhere regardless of foot-type.

• Stretching the Achilles tendon too strongly or too often is commonly a cause of lower posterior heel pain. yoga or walking on soft surfaces such as sand or snow, and jumping drills Qump rope) can also produce this injury.

• Pressure on the back of the heel can result in bursitis. Common causes are wearing shoes that are too short, spending hours in rigid boots (such as ski boots), and sitting for long periods with heels resting on a firm surface.

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