Crescent Moon Yoga Pose

Crescent Moon Yoga Pose

Muscles Associated with the Kidneys

The following are the muscles that are associated with the kidney meridian. Psoas muscle

The psoas muscle is a deep muscle in the hip area. It originates at the transverse process of the lumber spine and travels inside the pelvis and attaches to the lesser trochanter of the femur (thigh bone).

The psoas is one of the most important muscles to do with the lower back, the hips and sitting posture, in general. Often, the psoas muscle is too contracted, due to sitting in chairs or driving for too many hours of the day, day in day out, causing the psoas muscle to be shortened. Signs of a shortened psoas muscle are a rounded lower back, difficulty in standing up straight, tail bone tucked under and weak abdominal muscles – which all are contributing factors to back pain.

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