Crab Pose Yoga

Crab Pose Yoga

How often has this happened to you?

Just bumbling along lost in your own thoughts during the day and someone says something special to you, or you understand the words as special and you share a moment. You go away uplifted.

This is so powerful in a mood changing day.

I had my working day improved so much last Friday. I was driving to work and I knew that I would be in an office working on my own all day, I would not see anyone else.

I stopped for petrol and a lottery ticket. I looked across the road and a pub (public house, bar) was all boarded up. There was a fence around it and it looked pretty sad and down. The demolition men will be in soon.

However it was the pub where my godmother and my uncle did their training about 35 years ago to become publicans. I remember going there and my feelings were warm from the experience. Seeing the pub now made me feel sad. My godmother is not a well woman now and my uncle was murdered. My spirits became melancholy.

I went to pay for my petrol and lottery ticket and the man behind the counter said “I hope you win sir”. He didn’t have to say anything but I promised him that if I did I would buy him a coffee (generous man that I am LOL). We shared a smile and my spirits were lifted.

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