Cow Yoga Pose

Cow Yoga Pose

Water Element Daily Lifestyle Practices.

• Withdraw from excessive activity or overcommitting yourself.

• Early to bed and late to rise (it’s the only time of year you can get away with it).

• Spend a little time each day sitting quietly, be still for at least a few minutes each day.

• Enjoy warm, nourishing foods and warm teas. Avoid drinking lots of cold fluids.

• Acknowledge any fears and anxieties that come up and just sit with them, allow them space to exist, don’t resist them or run away from them Look into them deeply… what’s there when you get to the depth of them?

• Journal experiences, insights and reflections.

• Cook warming foods and share them with others to help connect to the heart’s energy and reduce the feelings of lack of support or isolation.

• Try not to launch any new projects, be patient for now.

• Massage your feet and your loved ones feet often.

• Enjoy hot baths, hot springs.

• Wash your hands regularly.

• Go for walks to move through feelings of stagnation.

• It is okay to drink a little red wine with warming herbs.

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