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Some say that actually there is still the state of pure and calm wisdom’ present, the guna called sattva. Thus by slightly redefining samadhi, they see liberation of the YS as Gnostic: the sattva’tised mind of prakriti realising it is not purusha, thereby isolating it.

Others have a slightly different solution to this problem: purusha has to wait to emerge until after the moment of electro-shock. This implies that the meditator has to return to normal consciousness to make his final release. This post-meditative Gnostic aha-insight we know well from Buddhism. But, as we shall see, the YS does not operate with this possibility and hence samadhi is not a description of such a Buddhist Gnostic liberation model.

The best recipe we have found for jet lag, a Cow Face Yoga Posecombination of melatonin and Rhodiola rosea, helps adjust the sleep cycle and improves daytime energy and Cow Face Yoga Posealertness. When traveling from west to east crossing three or more time zones, the following regimen is effective for most people: Five days before flying from west to east, start R. rosea 180-200 mg/day in a.m. The day of the flight, take 300 mg R. Rosea in a.m. Take 3-9 mg melatonin at the time when people at your destination go to bed.

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