Couples Yoga Yoga for Core Strength Ab Workout and Stomach Exercises

Namaste I’m Manish Paul. And this is Neetu Singh from total yoga a lot of you want to know how to get a flat stomach. So we’re gonna take you through a few yoga core strengthening exercises it’ll help ensure that you get a flat stomach Yoga is very effective for core strengthening one of the primary reasons being that Yogi’s want to sit for three four five hours in meditation for that to happen the core has to be strong so for the last few millennia Yogi’s have been working on strengthening the core. So that they can be absolutely strong and scaped we’re gonna take you through four postures you can start with 30 seconds each and over the course of time make it one minute for core strengthening we begin in Sun Tolan Asana or a modern plank some Tolan means inner equality.

Couples Yoga Yoga for Core Strength Ab Workout and Stomach Exercises Photo Gallery

So we’re training to become through the stress you’re ensuring that the cool the abs are pulled in from your we moved to some Patna sauna and again ensure that your body is parallel to the flow on each exhale pulling the stomach. So we hold my breaths breathe in breathe out stomach in breathe in breathe out stomach in over the course of time try and make this a one-minute hold each of these no kisana or both pose is perhaps the most effective posture for core strengthening it’s as good as doing hundreds of crunches as you get stronger come higher come stronger and as you get even more stronger go very low.

So that the code pelvic muscles are pulled in. And come back slightly higher turn to one side Cuttino kisana is even more demanding it chains the external oblique muscles it is deeper line that makes the abdominals my food you can split this knee to is moving posture to posture you can split this and hold it for 30 seconds each or, if you’re very strong you can move fluidly holding each posture for the minute when every exhales summer goes in ensure that you rest your back after this press knees on the chest. And also release your hips by lifting them up slightly. And then rest for some time I hope you enjoyed that I can already see your core is much tighter these are a few exercises that over the course of time will really strengthen you you don’t have to do too many crunches in fact no cosna is a much more demanding exercise please try it at home, if you find that you have any back aches consulta yoga teacher strengthen your back you can never have a flat stomach with a weak back so take care of that as well this is Neto and manish from total yoga signing off there are lots of lovely posts on the Yoga House blog please keep reading more mistake.

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