Couples Yoga Inverted Posture Sarvang Asana

Namaste this Neetu Singh and Manish Paul from total yoga in today’s post we’re going to go through two inverted postures in day to day life you have the heart having to pump blood against gravity to the brain which means as you grow older. Because the neck muscles stiffen the capillaries get constricted there’s less blood supply reaching upwards that ensures that wrinkling is faster graying of and memory focus creativity diminish. So we’re gonna look at serving Asana and hal Asana two of the most recognizable yoga Asanas for serving Asana or shoulder stand we begin in a lying down position and from here we begin to raise the legs up and raise the body up fervour any Asana beneficial for every body parts are over and in English we call the shoulder stand make an effort bring your palms as close down to your shoulder blade.

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So that the body straightens as well as the chest automatically touch such as the chest from here we move into the next posture hal Asana or the plow pose in the plow pose we are stretching the entire spine. So all the nerves that emanate from the spine get a chance to be refreshed the blood that is passing through the organs get a chance to be squeezed. And we leave the hamstring stretch once you’re sufficiently good at how last night you can start to move the body start to play with the body a little bit to train the control further and coming back.

Because the thyroid gland the throat was locked in that posture we need to do this opening up of the throat it’s a version of matsy Asana to open the thyroid gland having done that come back to relax in shav Asana take a few deep breaths for the nervous system I hope you are able to learn a bit about these two postures nito of course went very comfortably into hal Asana you can train yourself slowly into that first by putting your feet on a chair. And then gradually lowering that to a stool and eventually on the floor in due course you will be able to touch the floor you’ll enjoy both these postures tremendously to learn more about yoga tune in to this blog the yoga house blog has some wonderful yoga posts keep reading yoga mistake.

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