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Namaste welcome to the Stoughton yoga post on what couples can do together to help improve flexibility one of the primary concerns for most people’s flexibility is the inner thigh and groin area so to take care of this we’ve devised a few stretches that you can do together we’re going to begin with a hamstring stretch so sit facing one another interlock your fingers and gradually move back till both your knees are straight this is a stretch of pasta Moton Asana.

Couples Yoga Asanas for Groin Stretches Exercises for Pulled Groin Strain I 1 Photo Gallery

And, if you’re very flexible together then you can hold each other’s wrist breathing very slowly in the posture allowing for the hamstrings to slowly open up the second stretch that we want to do is to open up the inner thigh and groin itself it’s open your legs out wide my legs are at the ankles hold each other and slowly pull the person down nito is extremely flexible so she’s dropping on the floor in your case you’ll probably be half the way. But month-on-month you will find an improvement in that amount of stretch. And come back with. And the third and last stretch for the sequence is to put your feet together in animosity. And the feet are in the groin area my legs direct the knees down.

So that we open up this part according to yogic understanding we say that a lot of our stress is stored in the groin area yeah. So we want to open that up the legs are separate ball and socket joints fitting into the hip so physiologically we should all be able to do a split however the stress makes the muscles so tight that this area becomes stiff for most people, if you can do these three stretches with your partner regularly within a month’s time you’ll find a huge beneficial improvement in the flexibility I hope you had I hope that helped you namaste I hope you enjoyed that post this is Manish Paul and Neetu Singh from total yoga signing off today you can watch a whole lot more posts and learn on this yoga house blog you.

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