Could You Taste The Difference?

Could you taste the difference?

Koko Dairy Free Original tastes remarkably similar to semi-skimmed cow's milk, yet it’s totally free of dairy, soya, and animal fats.

With just 2% fat, and made from freshly pressed coconut milk, fortified with calcium and vitamins, it not only looks like ordinary milk, but you can use it in just the same way. In tea, coffee, with cereals, and in cooking. The light, fresh taste won’t dominate the foods you make, so you’ll find you can use it as a direct replacement.

Koko Dairy Free – a no sacrifice alternative to cow’s milk.

What are you doing on Saturday mornings? Running? Practising yoga? How about both? On the morning of Saturday 14th September, come join other Londoners at the Gloanna Yoga Run in Battersea Park. It's about connecting your body with your mind, opening the heart to your spirit, spreading the glo and expanding the Gloanna community.

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Whether you are a yoga pro or a keen runner in need of stretching your hamstrings, come and test your agility, strength and heart. Hop on the Gloanna bus and join the ride, you don’t want to miss the event of the year, that the yoga world is buzzing about. Kick off with a 5k run and 45 minutes of yoga, finished of with a healthy brunch infused by the pumping beats of DJ Lord Veda. To register, visit gloanna. Com. For information on training sessions, visit.

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