Couch Pose Yoga

Couch Pose Yoga

Taoist Kidney Energy Meditation

Preparation: Sit in a comfortable position. If you are sitting on the floor, I always recommend sitting up on a folded blanket – ideally, you want your knees to be just below your hips. This will help you sit for longer periods without the extra stress to your back. Okay, when you’re in a comfortable seated position, place your hands in a comfortable position.

Now close your eyes and settle into a relaxed posture. Find your breath moving through your nostrils and keep watching it. Just keep your attention on your breath, let your thoughts just move through without giving them any attention. Relinquish your mind’s thoughts and images as they arise. Come back to your breath with an alert, yet relaxed awareness. Just watch your breath for at least five minutes until your mind starts to settle.

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When your mind has settled a little, move your awareness down to your lower back and your lower belly area. As you breathe, feel your breath fill your lower back and simply say something like this to your kidneys, “Thank you, kidneys. Thank you for supporting me, I love and appreciate you and your hard work.” The intention is to generate and cultivate appreciation and gratitude toward our kidneys.

You can visualize a deep blue energy being drawn into your lower back and swirling around dissolving any blockages or impurities. Also, set the intention for it to dissolve any fear or anxiety that may be stored there. Be sure to keep a deep exhalation breath going while doing this meditation.

After a few minutes, draw your attention to the point just below your belly button. So as you breathe in, focus your attention on this point and say to yourself, “Hummmmm,” and as you breathe out, say to yourself, “Saaaaaaaa.”

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