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The historical fact is that it was many hundred years later – with the Vedantic revolution of Sankara and his contemporaries – that the Brahmins agreed that 1) the Upanishads were an integral part of, and a finalisation of the Vedic canon, and 2) that the philosophy of Upanishads actually was a clarification of ideas already present in the Vedas. The Vedantic intellectuals at that point in history – around 700 AD – selected about eleven from the large pool of teachings, and identified them as the Upanishads – i.e. canon174.

In other words the Brahmin Vedantic intellectuals, invented a tradition more than a thousand years after the event. They further claimed that there was textual continuity and consistency across that declared tradition. They did it by adapting selected Upanishad texts, which actually often questioned, criticised or ridiculed the very same Vedic teaching and rituals of which they became a part. So the claim of continuity of cultural memory was a fabrication.175 Why did they do so? Because the sign tradition’ imbued them and their new discourses with ancient roots and authority. It was an ideological move.

As discussed earlier the Upanishads – and especially where they indicated epistemic rupture with Vedic outlooks – should rather be seen as a mixture of the discourses of the ruling classes. Often the Upanishads state that Kshatriya sages taught the new ideas. Most probably it was dissident Brahmin clans who wrote down the new heretical ideas. In other words they signified ideological conflicts between the various hegemonic social strata.

In such cases, smaller doses may be sufficient. Melatonin Corpse Yoga Posemay be preferable to prescription sedative/hypnotics such as benzodiazepines, which can impair the ability Corpse Yoga Poseto respond to an emergency or interfere with functioning the next day. Because sedating medications reduce the tendency to move and walk during long flights, they can increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis Herxheimer & Petrie, 2001. A four-day DBRPC study of 320 people showed that those who were given 5 mg fast-release melatonin on a long plane trip slept better, fell asleep faster, and were more awake and energetic during the subsequent four days than comparison groups given 5 mg slow-release, 0.5 mg fast-release, or placebo Suhner, Schlagenhauf, Johnson, Tschopp, & Steffen, 1998. In a small double-blind study, airline crews were more rested using 10 mg fast-release melatonin to sleep between flights compared to placebo. The benefits of melatonin were equivalent to zopiclone nonbenzodiazepine sedative similar in structure to Lunesta, without next-day impairment in cognition Paul, Brown, Bougvet, Gray, Pigeau et al., 2001.

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