Corporate Yoga Exercises Stress Relieving Exercises Compilation 2014

Namaskar and devi that and welcome to Onondaga corporate yoga corporate yoga is specially designed for those people who really can’t find dying through any form of exercising this is also known as chair yoga as it is done sitting on your office chair this are simple practices which will help you to reduce the stress. And the effect of the stress that you experience in your corporate world on your body we just require 10 to 15 minutes of your time in office and feel the difference in the energy levels. And the fitness of your body chair yoga forward bend one a wonderful practice to release the stress from your back in this you’re sitting with some distance in your feet take both the hands up take a deep breath in exhaling start bending forward first come parallel to the ground you’re extending forward.

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And now go fall down after dropping the hands down just stretch your hands slightly forward as much as possible rub the head down keep breathing feel the difference in your back the stretch besides the slight pressure on the abdomen. And then you feel like coming out don’t raise the hands up start walking back and form your just set up a wonderful practice to improve your flexibility of your back and release all the stiffness that gets accumulated by just sitting on the chair throughout the day it just eases out your back muscles chair yoga forward bend in this practice you bring both the legs closer to each other touching each other you’re moving slightly forward. And the edge of your chair you have the fist of your fingers and which the thumb is inside the fingers are covering your thumb you put it in such a way that your hands are touching your body your lower abdomen and are resting on the legs face up and very slowly you start going forward till that point where you’re just starts touching the knee. And then just rub the head dog this arson is creating a wonderful pressure on the abdominal just enjoy elbows are relaxed drop down keep breathing.

And, if you like coming out open your eyes prim and goes back raise the face up and start coming out very slowly and relax this practice immediately activates your digestive system it makes the digestive organs healthier and thereby reduce the problems like indigestion constipation gases and other problems which are caused in your digestive system chair yoga twists forward bend. And this practice who have more distance between your feet we are away from your backrest slightly closer to the edge of your chair head row for the seat now it will take the right hand and bring it towards the left feet either on the field by the side of the feet or by the opposite side of the feet. So you either keep the hand down on the feet or inside or outside what is comfortable for you and take the other hand up and look at the hand which is up so getting a wonderful twist and maintain in this you are using the hand the right hand to push the right shoulder forward. And you’re pushing the left shoulder towards the right side.

But the hand is in one line keep breathing enjoy this wonderful twist wonderful wonderful effect on your abdomen. And then from here only you bring the hand down and take this hand to the opposite leg and take the other hand up keep breathing enjoy the twist enjoy the effect on the abdomen helps you to release the stress from your back muscles from your neck from your shoulders from your abdomen. And then when you feel like coming out first take both the hands down. And just straighten your body up and feel the difference chair yoga leg strengthening this is a wonderful practice to strengthen your knee joint. And the muscles of your legs especially the thighs. And the hamstring in this you’re taking the support of your arm rest very slowly take the leg up such that the hamstring is not touching the chair. And then straighten it in the air and Bend and drop it down then the other leg up straight in bend down like this you can have two three times repetitions up Sweden Bend that up straighten bend down and relax just feel the effect of this practice on your legs on your knees it gives the effect like you have done walking for about fifteen minutes just by doing it for about eight to ten repetitions.

But remember when you’re straightening it up your leg is not touching the seat it’s in the air. And you do what are initially it’s difficult that the leg goes up and get straightened it might go closer to the seat. But with practice you can definitely do this Serg on loom villain prana. And this practice you sit with the back erect without the backrest you have the ungli mudra with the right hand with the thumb you are using it to close the right nostril. And the last two fingers using it to close the left nostril now close your eyes close the right nostril and start inhaling through left very slow and deep inhalation once you completely inhale close the left nostril open the other and start exhaling from the right and from where you are exhaling the same you inhale. And the opposite you exceed keep on doing it as slow as possible as the best possibility just remember two rules in mind one is from where you exhale the same you inhale and from where you inhale the opposite you exceed. And you follow these two rules. And you’re getting the exact process of this plan ayam and let the breathing you very slow and deep always start with left inhalation and always end with left exhalation so after exhaling just drop the hand down and experience this calmness that this brown hand gives a wonderful Brown I have to relax your body your mind it helps you improve the movement of the prana in your body just experience it. And then when you feel like coming out very slowly rub the palms keep them on your eyes your face dropping the hands down open your eyes you can start with three rounds go up to five and slow is two lipid and do it as long as you want.

So um they are a wonderful practice to immediately calm down your mind and relax your body to weigh in this practice you’re just sitting normal without the backrest you can have the Donna mudra, if you want keep it on your legs close your eyes in this practice each time when you inhale mentally you are saying so chanting so and each time you exhale you’re chanting hump the meaning of so hum is I am that your breath is constantly telling you that you are something different than this physical body so close the eyes initially I am chanting it for you. And then you take on doing it in your mind so start when you inhale you are doing the soul start with the inhalation so um so um so so um then carry on as she is breathing in and breathing out she is chanting so and hum mentally I just keep on doing it get one that is chanting one with us breathing let the breathing be very deep using your full lung capacity and last time you inhale and end the chanting with the exhalation. And now just be aware how does it feel in your body in your mind you can immediately feel the relaxation in your eyes. And your face in your head just be aware of it it relaxes the effects of the stress and different parts of the body especially the heart the brain the face let’s try it out doing for 10-15 counts. And then feel the difference and to come out pull up the palms give the heat the energy to your eyes your fees dropping the hands down slowly open your eyes. And just experience the difference you.

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