Core Work in Headstand Sirs Asana Core Workout

Welcome to drone yoga everryone today we’ll do some core work in headstand make sure you have very steady and comfortable head stands before you attempt to do this do what you can you can always stop, if it’s too much. But let’s see what we can do. So we’re gonna set up our head stands make sure your elbows are shoulder-width slowly coming all the way up with your legs we’re gonna start with eight times going almost all the way down to the ground so lower your feet barely touch.

Core Work in Headstand Sirs Asana Core Workout Photo Gallery

And then back up why not lower back up breathing Daniel breathing three remember to move your hips to balance your legs up for maintaining breath touch up fine slowly down back up three with it just a bit more and touch up and one more touch back up eighty you’re gonna go across now so your hips are gonna go a bit to your right as the legs go to the left one little harder do what you can to the other side and back up. But we’ll do this one more time cross with the leg as much as you can back up and last one take the legs down move the hips to one side feet to the other side and back take a breath here to relax make sure you are breathing we’re gonna stretch the belly a little bit by bending the knees and take from the feet back.

So you have to move the hips forward a little bit to balance the weight of the legs a mini back bend of sorts just really releasing stretching a little bit make sure you try to move from the upper chest there’s a length and by the way back it’s not all in the lower back okay here we go one more thing just spread the legs wide wide why this is fun just as they are sometimes breathe and helicopter your legs so moving one direction as far as you can go.

And then the other direction as far as you can go straight back to wide spread legs slowly longer legs up to the sky breathing again try to hold still I’m sure you’re using your Bundys the belly is on you to support your back especially when you’re tired don’t collapse into the lower back arms are working strong lower down to the ground we’re gonna take some Child’s Pose breathe here and rest, if you ever feel like this is not enough for you you can do this twice and, if it’s good just rest you can add this to any part of your practice sometimes I’ll just do this on its own or at the beginning of practice to warm up. But again this is pretty advanced so don’t go trying this until you’re ready for it thanks for your practice love you all namaste and leave a comment was this easy or hard you.

Core Work in Headstand Sirs Asana Core Workout Photo Gallery

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