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Feeling chronically stressed can often make us feel like retracting into our shell and avoiding others altogether. But often reaching out, particularly to someone who's a calm balanced listener, can instantly make you feel better.

Research has shown that hugging, especially someone you care about activates pressure sensors just below the skin that send calming messages to the brain and slow the release of stress hormones.

Although stress is known to have devastating effects on libido, kissing and making love is proven to be one of the best ways of instantly lowering blood pressure. It can also be a great way of releasing feel good hormones that counteract stress and help with depression.

Laughing has to be one of the most pleasurable and effective ways of dealing with stress. Try and actively find ways to make yourself laugh, whether that's time with friends, reading a fun book or watching a favourite comedy.

There have been numerous studies showing that the act of smiling has a powerful effect on the brain's reward centres.

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This simple, free, and easy to do act is said to be thousands of times more stimulating than a well-regarded pleasure inducer like chocolate – and of course it's less caloric.

There is even evidence that mimicking a smile or inducing spontaneous laughter can significantly reduce stress hormone levels and even reduce blood pressure.


Hobbies and doing things you enjoy are often thought of as pastimes of people who lead easy relaxed lives, but in reality stressed people need hobbies more than anyone. It may sound obvious, but enjoying yourself is one of the easiest ways to create respite from every day stress.

If you can do a hobby that involves time spent with family and friends or involves some form of exercise. Even better. After all no one ever lies on their deathbed wishing they spent more in the office -they're far more likely to be wishing they had spent more time enjoying themselves with loved ones.

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