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When faced with incomplete response to prescription medication or unacceptable side Compass Yoga Pose effects, one should try to optimize response by switching to a different prescription medication before starting Compass Yoga PoseCAM. If the patient does not have a good response or Compass Yoga Pose encounters too many side effects, begin CAM trials as described above. When there is strong Compass Yoga Pose motivation to discontinue prescriptions due to concerns about potential long-term risks or philosophical objections, CAM trials may be indicated. Prescription medications should not be discontinued until there is a positive response to CAM.

At that point, the stimulant can be gradually tapered while the patient is monitored. All patients with ADD or ADHD should be given trials of biofeedback if possible. Patients whose ADD/ADHD symptoms improve on prescription medications can benefit further by the addition of CAM and should be referred for biofeedback. Depending on what treatments are available, the authors recommend: Low-energy neurotherapy LENS; www.

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