Compass Pose Yoga

Compass Pose Yoga

Kidney & Bladder In Balance

– Have courage, inner strength and will-power

– Ability to be calm, clear and grounded (can handle stress better than most, doesn’t get too stressed out and knows when its time to pull back and reduce activity)

– Patient and persistent

– Thick head of hair and good hearing

– Likely to have high brain function and the potential for highly developed intelligence

– Fertile, can reproduce easily and produce healthy, well-developed children

– Healthy, balanced sexual life (not too much, not too little)

– Strong and stable back body

– Strong bones and a sense of solidity in the body frame

– A powerful charismatic presence

– Able to fall asleep easily and have healthy, deep and regular sleep

– Meditation and relaxation come without much effort Kidney and Bladder Out Of Balance

– Easily startled, jumpy, fearful, anxious, agitated, restless

– Lower back pains or deep achy back pain

– Very tired, very lethargic

– Lacks courage and inner strength to launch new projects or pursue new avenues (work, career, travel, etc)

– Lacks inner fire, passion, motivation and luster

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– Ungrounded – sometimes quick to neurotic behavior and anger

– Pale face

– Very low sex drive or excessive sex drive

– Infertile or very hard to reproduce

– Urinates very frequently with clear urine, painful urination or urinary incontinence

– Carries excess fluids

– Poor short-term memory

– Fickle, unsteady mind

– Ringing in the ears, hearing loss

– Osteoporosis, bone weaknesses, tooth decay

– Impaired mental development

– Thin hair

– Hot flashes

– Dry mouth and skin

– Prone to kidney and bladder infections

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