Cold-Crushing Superfoods

Show those beastly bugs what you’re made of

Sick season has hit. Hit us right in the face and dragged us all down in the process. The aches, the shivers, the itchy, tickly throat – chances are, you’ve experienced at least one symptom by now. Are we right?

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We’re right. 2019, then, is The Year. The Year we’ll finally defeat the flu fairies, and here’s how…

Before Feel a cold coming on but it hasn’t yet reared its snotty head? Research in the American Journal of Therapeutics shows the amino acid compound carnosine in chicken soup helps the immune system fight early stages of flu. Curb heavy comfort foods that are hard to digest to preserve energy.

During Dr Stephen Rennard of the University of Nebraska Medical Centre says that adding onion and ginger to meals will help sweat out the infection.

After Boost your immune system with vitamin C (start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon) and add garlic – it’s believed to help fight viruses.

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