Cobra yoga pose


Bhujanga means “serpent” or “snake.”


Provides good backward spinal stretch; tones abdominal organs.


Note: This pose should be stretched vertebra by vertebra.

1. Lie on your stomach, legs together.

2. Arms should be at your side near your shoulder with your palms down.

3. Rest your forehead on the floor. Inhale, then slowly bring your head up in sequence of forehead, nose, and chin.

4. Now lift your hands and use your upper back muscles to slowly arch backward. Do not push up on your hands; you should be able to do this without your hands.

5. Inhale and raise up a little more. Legs should be straight and on the ground. Hold for the count of three, then exhale and slowly roll down.

Setu is “bridge.”


Stretches abdominal and lumbar spine muscles.


1. Lie down flat on your back with your knees bent, feet together. Arms should be at your sides.

2. Place your hands on your lower back and lift your hips up as high as possible. Your head, neck, and shoulders should remain on the floor. Arch.

3. From this pose, if you are flexible you may arch up into the Wheel Pose (see bottom photo). Note: The Bridge Pose is used when coming out of the Shoulder Stand (see page 83); however, to come from the Shoulder Stand into the Bridge you must have a flexible back.

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