Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana

Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana

Main Benefit – A gentle back bend that promotes a healthy lower back arch.

1. Start by lying on your belly on your mat. Feet hip width apart, tops of the fleet flat.

2. Arms just underneath the shoulder or just in front of shoulders.

3. Start pushing the hips gently into the floor and raising the chest and head of the floor without any support from hands.

4. Then start to add the extra support from the hands to help you raise the torso up to where it works for you. It’s different for everybody so listen to your body and don’t aim to do the same height as you see in pictures or videos. You don’t have to have your arms straight – the back is the most important, listen to that!

5. Only stay up for a breath and then come back down onto your belly.

6. This pose is good to repeat throughout the class.

7. At the beginning of a class or routine only come up a little, when the body is warmed up then you can go a bit higher.

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