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Why did the Brahmin adopt and celebrate the obscure YS?

Why did some parts of the Brahmin adopt such an almost incomprehensible Samkhya based YS, as we know they did within Advaita Vedanta? Why did they honour it with philosophical status, which earned it learned commentaries later on? Why did it become one of the six dharsanas?

One answer might be that the Brahmins needed a text that would signal that they also possessed strong practical technologies. I would like to develop this line of thought and return with a supported answer in the summary.

Weak signals derived from the patient's own EEG are Cobbler's Yoga Pose modified with an offset and then delivered back to the patient using low-energy radio waves Cobbler's Yoga Pose at a level of intensity far below those of a cell phone. This short, painless procedure requires minimal cooperation and can be readily tolerated even by young children. LENS has been successful in significantly reducing symptoms of attention-deficit disorder ADD, PTSD, affective disorders, pain syndromes, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia Larsen, 2006.

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Some of the best responses have been in traumatic brain injury TBI; including patients with seizures Ochs, 1994. A preliminary, randomized study of 12 mild to moderately severe TBI patients with substantial cognitive impairment given 25 LENS previously called Flexyx treatments found significant improvements in Beck Depression Inventory, mental fatigue, digit span backwards, delayed recall on the auditory verbal learning test, ability to function at work and at school, and other measures when compared to a wait-list control group Schoenberger, Shif, Esty, Ochs, & Matheis, 2001. LENS neurotherapy is a promising treatment with few adverse effects when administered by an experienced clinician. Side effects include temporary reexperiencing of symptoms related to trauma. Excess treatment can cause fatigue and restlessness.

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