We need your urgent help. We just moved. We have limited space. Our child is facing tremendous stress in her school work. What can we do to use feng shui to help her build confidence and for study luck? Please help. Thank you and God bless.
A It is always an adjustment when you move house and that can take a huge toll on a child in school.


But if things got significantly worse after you moved house, you need to check the feng shui of your child’s bedroom and study desk. Check her KUA number and ensure her head is pointed to one of her good directions when she sleeps. Also make sure her desk is positioned such that she is facing one of her 4 good directions – Fu Wei is best for someone still in school, but any of the 4 good directions is OK.

To boost study luck, get her the bejewelled Luohan for Scholastic Brilliance Luck and place in the NE of her bedroom, or on her study desk. Make sure there are no poisons arrows pointed at her as she studies or sleeps. Most of all, make sureshe knows that no matter how she does in school and in her exams, you are solidly behind her.

Take off the pressure from your side as parents, and let her find her own level. If she knows she has your unconditional support and love, she will gain in confidence and it will make all the difference.

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