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Oral traditions and the lack of doctrines

The story of the sages in deep meditation

For a modern reader the claim that realisation happens in turya or deep absorption raises more questions than it answers. In the Katha it was unclear whether this understanding’ happened while alive and meditating, or in death. If it happened while meditating, how is cognition possible, when the mind is empty and still? If it happens in death, how is the soul/mind/self (?) able to think, if it is dead? Finally, regardless exactly when the cognition happened, how is it possible to recollect the liberating event, as the dead cannot talk and the still mind cannot remember? How did the sages find out?

Although R. rosea has not been studied for cognitive enhancement Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga Pose in perimenopausal women, the authors find that it is particularly helpful in improving memory, mental Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga Pose clarity, cognitive speed, energy, and mood in perimenopausal women. Studies are needed to validate these clinical observations. Case 3 Menopause and Depression Sophie, a 49-year-old journalist, complained of gradually worsening depression since she began to experience menopausal changes. She felt tired from the moment she awakened and throughout the day. Success at work led to more challenging writing opportunities, but instead of feeling excited, she felt overwhelmed. Everything became a burdensome chore, as she felt like she was moving through sludge. It became harder to concentrate, to multitask, and to keep track of details.

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