Channel Cleaning Breath

Evidence indicates that herbs can enhance cognition and memory through a Channel Cleaning Breathvariety of mechanisms, including effects on ion channels, membrane fluidity, and antioxident defenses. Channel Cleaning BreathLemon balm Melissa officinalis, Sage Salvia officinalis, and Salvia lavandulaefolia Preliminary randomized controlled trials suggested that lemon balm and sage may have cognitive benefits and reduce agitation in patients with dementia Akhondzadeh & Abbasi, 2006; Akhondzadeh, Noroozian, Mohammadi, Ohadinia, Jamshidi et al., 2003. A four-week DBRPC trial of M. officinalis aromatherapy in 71 severely demented patients showed decreased agitation and withdrawal with improvements in activities of daily living. A DBRPC trial of lemon balm 300 mg or 600 mg in 18 healthy volunteers found that the higher dose reduced the effects of stress and improved ratings of calmness. The 300 mg/day dose improved math processing speed while maintaining accuracy Kennedy et al., 2004.

It is reported by these Moores and Hindus that upon the Hills by Casmeere and also by Neopoll … there are people [who] live to 4 and 500 years of age. They can hold their breath and ly as it were dead for some years, all which time their bodies are kept warme with oyles, & ca. They can fly, and change souls with each other or in any besat. They can tranforme their bodies into what shapes they please and make them so plyable that [they] then can draw them thorow a little hole.

A Muslim report from 1695 by Sujan Rai Bhandhari dwells on the same features of the jogis’ as he calls them.

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