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To reduce gastrointestinal symptoms, it is worth trying a more Chair or Awkward Yoga Pose refined fish oil preparation see Table 6.Further studies are needed to establish the benefits and Chair or Awkward Yoga Pose optimal doses of omega-3FAs for perinatal depression. See Chapter 2 for discussion of side effects. However, considering the high degree of safety, the additional health benefits for mother and child, and the dearth of proof of the safety of most psychotropic medications, clinicians should not hesitate to offer omega-3FAs during pregnancy and postpartum as a preventive measure or as a treatment for mood disorders.

Acupuncture can be helpful if the acupuncturist is experienced with pregnancy, mood disorders, and hormonal problems.

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Pure choline not phosphatidylcholine has been shown to reduce mania Stoll et al. 1996. It can be used safely as a complementary treatment in doses of 3,000-7, 000 mg/day pure choline for bipolar symptoms during pregnancy.

We have now finalised this overview of proto-yoga's journey into the world of the hitherto two dominant social groups, who were in the process of reconstructing themselves as castes.

I have indicated that yoga became an essential ideological part of this – its symbolic powers had strong attraction too. Yoga was not just a question of the liberation of the soul from release. We will now investigate the yoga that emerged in this period in the texts of the dominant two social groups.

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