Cat Pose Yoga

Cat Pose Yoga

The lesson from this is that you need to be aware of your optimum working pattern that gives you the most bang for your buck and try and work your working life around to suit this. Then you will be working towards Working Wow!!!

We learn this fact at a young age but as we get older we have a tendency to forget. We want to avoid any hardship, embarrassment or turmoil in our working lives. We just crave peace.

But think about learning a new skill, for example when you were a child and learning to ride a bike. You fell off quite a few times I would warrant but this was the rough sea that you needed to show you where you needed to make corrections to stay on the bike and not hurt yourself.

What if you had to learn to ride a bike now that you are an adult? You would probably shy away from it. What if I fall off? I could hurt myself? I may break a limb? And worst of all think of the embarrassment of people looking at me!!!

If you want to learn to ride the bike you will have to learn like a child and get yourself to navigate the choppy waters of falling off, possibly injuring yourself and ignoring the jibes or laughter of your peers. What is a few days of embarrassment to being able to ride a bike and get out and about, expanding your horizons?

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