Cat-Cow Yoga Pose

Cat-Cow Yoga Pose


In yoga philosophy, the safe sequencing of a class or practice is referred to as vinyasa karma, meaning “wise progression ” or “step by step, ” so that each Yoga Pose is practiced as a preparation for the next. It starts with contemplation, followed by a well-constructed sequence based on what the body needs, and then moves toward a climax at the top of the practice that closes with a cooldown in preparation for a final meditation and relaxation. Each Yoga Pose has its own health benefits and powerful effects, so proper consideration of how one practices, as well as what one practices, is one of yoga’s greatest teachings.


This simple exercise warms up, massages, and loosens the whole spine. It calms and soothes the mind, helping you to begin coordinating your movements with the rhythm of your breath.

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QUALITY Calming EFFECT Relaxation, tranquility PROPS None GAZE Up and inward

1 Begin in Child’s Yoga Pose Pose. Take 5 long deep full breaths here, slowing your breaths to a 4-coui inhale and a 4-count exhale.

2 On the next inhale, rise up to your hands and knees, with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees under your hips and with a long, neutral spine.

3 As you inhale, lift your tailbone and drop your belly as you look up, drooping your spine into Cow Yoga Pose (A). As you exhale, draw your tailbone in and round your spine, dropping your chin toward your chest as you pull your belly in and arch your spine into Cat Yoga Pose (B).

Lengthen the breath to about 3 counts per inhale and 3 counts per exhale, coordinating your movements with your breath about 8 to 10 times. Feel free to move your hips from side to side and circle your head to relieve any tension in your lower back and neck. When you’re done, move your hips back to your heels and into Child’s Yoga Pose.

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