Can Yoga and Pilates Really Detoxify The Body?

Can Pilates Really Detoxify The Body?

Pilates will help detoxify the body if practiced regularly, no question about it. Note that no actual studies have been conducted on this because “detoxification” is a rather loosely used term to indicate the release of toxins, which might benefit the body generally for longevity, energy, and reducing aches and pains.

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Any exercise, when practiced regularly will help detoxify the body. Stretching, aerobics, dancing, even regular walking will help activate the lymph in the body, increasing the activity of our immune cells (such as macrophages that engulf toxins throughout the body and recycle them for elimination), and increasing blood circulation to help move toxins through the liver and out of the body.

In addition to stimulating the lymphatic system, I find it very interesting that Pilates, in particular, has garnered so much research interest in other areas. Some of the studies show a clear benefit for relieving low-back pain, supporting immune response, improving flexibility in the spine of elderly volunteers, and increasing upper¬body, lower-body and abdominal strength—all of which contribute to the body’s overall well-being.

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