Butterfly Pose Yoga

Butterfly Pose Yoga

Another thought that allies itself with this saying for me is when you wake up each day it is a brand new day. The light appears to be new, different from the day before. You have a whole blank canvas of the day in front of you. Everything seems to have been wiped clean for you to start again.

This seems like a great time to start a new life, a new lifestyle or get on that path and live the working life of your dreams instead of just talking about it.

Some people in life have lived this slogan “Every second is a chance to turn your life around”.

Think about Lance Armstrong and his fight with cancer, his comeback and winning the Tour De France seven times in a row. (Post-dated comment, he is a drugs cheat so that rather takes the shine off of his comeback to exercise)

Think of Ghandi giving up his life as a lawyer to help his country? Or his change to non-aggressive protests?

Or Rosa Parks sitting on the “whites only” part of the bus. She turned her life around in that moment and helped to make the change for millions of others too.

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