Butterfly Pose In Yoga

Butterfly Pose In Yoga

Courage and Willingness are Primary Qualities

The yogi understands that one plays the primary role in one’s perception of reality and therefore takes responsibility for its outcomes. Courage is necessary to face oneself and willingness is required to continue to place one’s attention on purifying one’s mind and becoming established in reality.

The Continuous Act of Surrender and Letting Go

We can only be fully alive when we are present and grounded in the present moment. If we continue to place our attention in the past or project our energy into an uncertain future we lose touch with the reality of now. The key to maintaining presence in reality is the continual surrender of what arises without adding further commentary to it. In this way we are able to surrender our feelings, thoughts and sensations as they arise and therefore remain fully in the present moment.

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Existence is Enough to Love and be Loved

Unconditional love comes through surrendering the need to have a list of reasons in order to love someone or something. Ones very own existence is seen as a gift of God and this makes it easy to love others and oneself when one comes to understand that to exist is enough.

Fundamentals of a Yoga Class

Because yoga is first approached through a yoga class environment it is necessary to discuss the primary elements involved in an Oriental yoga style class that a student may attend. This chapter can then serve both students to become more aware of what to expect from a class and provide the reasons behind some of the practices. It also aims to serve yoga teachers and instructors in how to conduct an Oriental yoga style class.

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