Bridge Pose Yoga

Bridge Pose Yoga

You need to consider this in the work environment too. Don’t hold grudges against someone. We all lose our rag occasionally. But be slow to criticise and swift to apologise. Share a coffee together, say your piece and move together again.

Don’t hold grudges, because one thing is for sure the person who holds the grudge will definitely be the one to suffer. And that will be YOU!!!

I love this picture that I found on Pinterest I have no doubt that you smiled at this too.

There are three lessons in this picture I feel that we can use in our working lives.

Firstly we can act out anything we choose in our lives. I am not suggesting that you dress up as Superman or Superwoman and turn up at the office. However, you can look at other successful people that you admire and act out being them.

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For example, where I am working at present one of the guys there wears a suit and tie every day. He is also an ideal weight. I in contrast am overweight and my suit looks like I slept in it. However, I am pretending to be like him in small steps. I am getting my suits dry cleaned regularly and I am watching what I eat and going to the gym too. He is my sort of superhero at the moment!

The second message in this picture is that old saying that you can fake it till you make it. Our brain can be fooled pretty easily into visualising a successful outcome before we have the necessary skills to complete a task. You often hear of golfers envisioning in their minds the shot they want to play, they see the ball heading into the hole in their mind. They then just need to replicate that shot in real life.

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