Breathing Exercises For Pregnancy

Breathing Exercises For Pregnancy

The raising of kundalini fire occurs in three stages:

1. It fuses with the pranic fires at a point between the shoulder blades.

2. It fuses with the manasic fires at the top of the spine in the alta major centre.

3. It fuses with the fire of Spirit in the crown chakra.

The three fires the fire of matter, the fire of mind and the fire of Spirit are then experienced as the three-in-one or the one fire in three-fold expression.

We have journeyed from the macrocosm to the microcosm following the three-fold fire of Agni from the Solar Logos to the human being, to the agnichaitan. We have seen that the fire that makes up the substance of our physical body is in reality the same fire that is to be found on the cosmic buddhic plane. There IS only one fire and this fire is God.

The apparent separation of this fire into the three and then the seven and then the forty-nine and so on, occurs in the time and space of the three solar systems and all the smaller time and space ring-pass-nots that they contain. Countless million flickering points of fire each working to awaken, solarise and synthesise the fiery substance in which they find themselves.

The consummation of the work of fire in the solar and the human entity occurs when the column of fire extends from the highest to the lowest and the fires of matter are lifted up to take their place as Shakti to Shiva, as the twin aspect of the one flame.

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