Bow Yoga Pose

Bow Yoga Pose

There are so many opportunities to read, we have so many small pockets of time in the day when we can take advantage of some quality reading time. Waiting for a plane or a bus. Waiting in a reception to be served. Waiting to meet someone. Travelling on a train.

Wake up and use this time wisely. Get yourself a book stuffed in your pocket or in your bag. Get it out and read it in this empty time. Improve your life. Gain knowledge. Get ahead.

I would advocate that you have a plan of what to read. Here are a few suggestions:

1. For one of your goals, get the reading material you need and start to read it. Carry it around with you, make it a positive habit. And read, read, read and as sure is sure you will succeed, succeed, succeed.

2. Consider putting your reading material on an audio device if you are not too keen to read traditionally. You just need to bathe in the knowledge whatever way that you can. You can listen to this in the car too, get an Automobile University.

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3. Get yourself an electronic reading device. I was in Doha, Qatar and the book selection was pretty dire. Ordering the next detective novel in the series was a pain and a long wait. Then I discovered the Kindle. My life changed. I downloaded half of their stock of books I think! I also read much, much more. I could store all the books I needed. I take this with me every time I go shopping with my wife. She researches the shops, I read my Kindle. She comes back and we go and see her research together before buying.

4. Try and get your reading balance correct, better than mine for sure. Try and read about 2/3 rds. of your material that will teach you something rather than just entertaining you. Plan your reading.

5. Ask successful people what their favourite books are. In fact ask anyone what their favourite books are. Read reviews of books. Research and reach.

6. Read whatever material is available, it helps to keep the mind sharp and ward off some of the diseases of ageing. At the dentist, read one their magazines. Be assured that the World War Two is over and there is a new up and coming star called Elvis Presley.

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