Blake Lively’s Workout and Fitness Routine

Blake Lively, 25, performs stunts for TV, music videos and films. Her skills include kick-boxing, Muay Thai, scuba diving, rock climbing, gymnastics, car work and bike work (phew!). Cork has already been a double for Rebecca Ferguson in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and will also appear in the next film.

There’s never a dull day as a stuntwoman. A typical day on Mission: Impossible would include a 5am wake-up call before going to hair and make-up, and then on to collect my costume. Next, I’d put my harness on and line up for the cameras, making sure everything was looking good. Every day would be different, depending on what scene we were filming, but it was always important to ensure all of the safety checks were in place and then I’d work hard to get the action shots captured perfectly. My stunts usually involved some sort of fighting and getting hit and pushed around a lot! But we took regular breaks between shoots, which I tended to use to fuel up with food.’

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‘In this profession, it helps to be an “all-rounder”; being versatile and learning new skills is really important. I’m part of stunt agency Eastwood Action’s core stunt team, so I tend to stunt double for the main actress on whatever film I’m working on. ‘I’ll work on the skills required for the job for weeks in advance, building the strength needed and getting mentally prepared for the role. ‘I’m very lucky to have worked on movies with some incredibly talented make-up artists and great costume designers, so it always feels relatively effortless to slot into the acting role.’

‘I stick to a healthy diet with fats, proteins and carbohydrates. When I’m fighting all day, I need those carbs for energy. I love oats, sweet potatoes, wild rice, bananas, quinoa and chickpeas – the list is endless!’

I train two to three times a day, altering my routine to suit the stunts I’m performing. My routine tends to be – get to work early, do a light jog, conditioning work and some stretching. I use Pilates-based exercises such as glute bridges and stabilising exercises, as this really helps with having to do a lot of leg locks to take guys down with! I work a lot with Hollywood trainer, Sam Eastwood, to ensure my body stays in peak condition. After work, I’ll go to an evening workout, do a pad session at work or Get Set Body by Sam Eastwood (, which supports toning and strength goals. I haven’t had any major injuries yet – most injuries usually occur in the prep and during rehearsals. That’s when you work out what not to do in the stunt! Rather you than the actress…’

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